Before considering the colour of the doors, first ask yourself what is the purpose of the room in which the door resides in? Every room has a different purpose. A living room should create a sense of comfort and harmony, whilst an office space needs to enable productivity whilst also being a calm space away from chaos of home life.

We have established that the colour of the walls denotes the ambiance and tone of the room. It is the same with the doors. Doors should always harmonise with the walls, however how far you go with this depends on what effect you are looking for.

According to Maria from Doors Galore “Doors with decorative features or architectural details are best displayed, whilst basic door designs are made to blend in. That said unless you intend for the door to be a main feature of the room, a plain colour such as white is always a safe choice.”

Interior doors are often painted white because it picks up on the colour of the surrounding walls. This can give the appearance of being the same colour as the walls.

If the door is positioned in a corner or opens-up into a corridor, it is better for it to be the same colour as the walls or white. Doors in a corridor should always match with each other.

Plain white or natural wood give a great effect in showing any detailing the doors may have such as panels or skirting.

If you wish your door to stand out from the walls by painting them a different colour, make sure you match the paint to the walls accent colour so that it adds character whilst still complementing the walls.  This effect works best with bright vibrant colours such as red, blue, or yellow.

What Colour Should I Paint My Interior Doors?  

It all comes down to what ambiance you wish to create. As previously stated, the door or doors should complement the walls, therefore doors are usually white, grey, or natural wood.

Blues and Greens work best for increasing productivity by creating a calm and focused atmosphere. Grey or white doors tend to work well with both these colours.

Warm colours such as red, and dark blue can give a sense of comfort and warmth, doors with natural wood easily enhance this effect.

Shades of pink and violet promote creativity but can become overwhelming. Plain doors of white or natural wood, can tone down vibrant colours, whilst grey can introduce a sense of focus.

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When asked in a recent survey “What colour should interior doors be?” 40% of people opted for natural wood, and 60% opted for white. However, when asked “What finish do you think works best on interior doors” 83% opted for natural wood, whilst 17% said the same colour as the walls. In either instance most people like their doors to be understated.